Dear Dr. Romance: Throughout the years, there has been financial infidelity

Dear Dr. Romance: Throughout the years, there has been financial infidelity

Not everyone will like the honest you, but the key is to like YOU for you! When I do my one to one healing discussions with clients (I’ve had a few, so it’s a small build up which will take some time to grow), one thing I ask them to do is list 10 things they like about themselves, and guess what, they can’t! After the second or third word, they stop, so I take over and splurge out about 20 words that speak love of myself, into my life.

Be Honest with Your Lender: Keep your lender informed about the current problem that you are facing. Be honest and upfront, and continue to answer calls and any other form of contact from your lender as usual.

Are you moving house over the approaching months? Remember that large bond you gave to your property owner when you first moved in? Well now's the time to get thinking about ensuring you get that bond back in full. With some forward thinking you can make certain you do all you can to get that end of lease cleaning bond back in full?

Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) tend to clock in a little lower than fixed rate mortgages, but come with the risk of inflated rates down the road due to fluctuations in the market and national economy. These offer buyers the ability to purchase a home with lower initial monthly payments. However, should the market fluctuate, a homeowner with an ARM needs to be financially prepared to take on heftier payments.

To many seniors, getting a reverse mortgage seems like a fool-proof way to fund their retirement. While these loans certainly offer many benefits, there are a few long-term reverse mortgage disadvantages that seniors should be aware of.

Two years ago, we made a financial plan, refinanced the home to cover some of our debt, but still have tens of thousands of credit card debt. But my husband still kept creating debt. I have been in and out of shock and denial. Always before, I have managed to fix each financial dilemma. As there is very little extra at this point, I have had nothing to offer the these creditors. Finally he borrowed from his retirement to borrow the money so he was able to negotiate and pay his extra debt off. He still has suspicious gift cards and unexplained purchases. On a fairly regular basis, I have obtained credit reports and no new or unusual accounts are noted. I have a suspicion that he has another account, but have not found anything to support this feeling. And I am no longer tearing the house apart trying to find "evidence."