Dear Donna Financial Advice Column #1 Help with NYC Public Assistance 12/1/15

Dear Donna Financial Advice Column #1 Help with NYC Public Assistance 12/1/15

I wish for the world to get to a point of truth, for each living person to embrace who they really are and let go of the self-serving attitude, ego and lack of love. One thing that has a fundamental meaning to humanity is being in ‘service’ to the Universe.

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One special type of fixed rate mortgage is called a “biweekly mortgage,” for which a homeowner splits their monthly payment into two equal installments paid every two weeks. Because there are 52 weeks in a year and payments are made every two weeks, 26 installments are made, which means 13 monthly payments are being made in 12 months. While this may place a financial strain on some homeowners, for others who can afford making three payments some months, this is a good option that allows them to pay off their debt sooner and pay less interest in the end.

A reverse mortgage is a special type of loan that lets seniors borrow a portion of their home equity and defer payment until they pass away or move from their home. To qualify for a reverse mortgage, borrowers must be at least 62 years of age and have a small remaining mortgage balance. Qualified borrowers will be eligible to receive their proceeds as one lump sum, a line of credit or in monthly payments. Reverse mortgage proceeds are tax-free and will not affect a person's Medicare or Social Security benefits.

Basically his pattern has been that approximately every two to four years, he has opened a secret account or credit card. I discover it - sometimes it seems he leaves something out and I do some work and figure it out. Other times, I sense he has something to tell me. Then, I ask if he has something to tell me and weeks later, he does.

The term loan modification is self explanatary where the requirements of the existing loan are adjusted making it more easier for the homeowner and acceptable to the bank.

Smart and savvy investors see the writing on the wall. They know that with the markets as volatile as they've been it's only a matter of time before we DO see a rate hike.

Project consultation services stand by client projects throughout the life cycle and ensure that the concepts develop into projects, which are financially bankable. These services remain from the very first right from the conception stage. Project selection, feasibility study preparation, management designing, financial engineering, capital structuring, and techno-economic feasibility is only some of the points taken into consideration. Private equity arrangement, debt or security syndication and project documentations are some of the other services related to project consultation offered by such independent advisory bodies.